Miniature Silky Fainting Goats
~  Our Bucks  ~
RoundAbout Presley
DOB 4-23-14

SIRE: Flying J Euchre
DAM:  Sol-Orr's Boogie Woogie
This young buck  has 3  Master Champions
on his sire side.   His Dam also has some  
great  Sol-Orr genetics  including the
infamous  MCH  Sol-Orr 's Magnum.
RoundAbout Edward
DOB 5-04-14

SIRE: Flying J Euchre
DAM:  Sol-Orr's Sprite
Green Pastures
Cake Boss

DOB 5-04-14
SIRE: Green Pastures Divinity
DAM:  Green Pastures Red Velvet
Green Pastures Piece of
DOB 10-30-15

SIRE: Green Pastures Cake Boss
DAM:  Green Pastures Pebbles
Piece of Cake is pictured above at 10 mos.
LOTS of head furnishings!
At 19 mos his coat has filled in all over.
Very pleased with his coat quality - very
silky, doesn't tangle as other bucks have!