Our fainting goats are registered with the MGR - Myotonic Goat Registry.  Our
Miniature Silky Fainting Goats are registered with MSFGA.  We  spend a lot of  time
with our goats to insure that they are happy and healthy.   Whether you are just
starting your herd or looking to broaden the genetics in your current herd ~ we have
quality stock for the discerning buyer!  Pricing varies depending on conformation and
pedigree and size.  We do not charge extra for coat color or eye color.  
ETHICAL DISCLAIMER:   We will not discuss the methods or ethics of other breeders.  
Each breeder chooses how to handle their livestock based on a number of factors.  Even
farms that I have purchased from - I have only been there ONCE and in some cases it
has been more than a year(s) since I visited.  How can I accurately (whether good OR
bad) speak about ALL their goats or their practices?

Breeders who openly discuss other breeders under the guise of 'helping' you are mostly
helping themselves.  I am always amazed at how willing some breeders are to talk about
others herds that they have never even visited!  We find this practice to be not only

My own practices and  goat quality have improved by leaps and bounds since first owning
goats and the best breeders never stop learning about these wonderful animals.  I will
be happy to discuss any aspect of my goats, goat care, goat breeding, etc. but other
goat breeders are not on the menu...
**2018 **   NEGATIVE AGAIN for Johne's, CAE and Brucellosis!  We
have also spot tested for CL through WADDL -Negative!!!. We began
testing in 2006 and continue to test as a part of our herd management.
We will be happy to test any goat - or for kids, the goat's parents -
for you upon purchase.  Additional testing is at buyers expense.

We have researched goat related diseases at length. We test as a management tool not
as a marketing strategy...We test to broaden our knowledge of our herd and encourage
all breeders to test.  Testing is a good first step,but not a guarantee of future health.
Much more goes into the over all health and vitality of your goat!

We only medicate when necessary.  We do our
own fecal testing in combination with the
FAMACHA chart to evaluate the need for de-
worming. We practice a holistic approach as
much as possible and do not want to build up
resistant parasites in our goats.  

We believe the health and vitality of our goats is evident!  We will gladly discuss any
methods we use and even those we don't use.