Myotonic (Fainting) Bucks

We are fortunate to have several awesome bucks!!   But more importantly we are very selective about   
whom they are bred to.  We work to bring out the best characteristics of each parent.   If you are   
interested in a particular breeding just email us!  
Green Pastures PUEBLO GOLD
DOB: 12-17-13   MGR #C1880

Sire: Green Pastures Divinity
Dam: Moonlight Farms Red Pearl

Cream and light red. He
has produced nice kids and
we have too many that are
related to him now!
Buck Creek ZOOMER
DOB: 10/13/14  MGR #C4011  

Sire: Fern Hill Dark Knight
Dam: Pint Size Zoe

3 PGCH in his pedigree.
We have retained quite a
few of his kids!

Grandson of Woody Creek Farm Daytona
National Champion!
BDF  Money Honey
DOB: 11/26/15  MGR #C8937  

Sire: S-L Cee Money  
Dam: Moonlight Farms Honeysuckle

Several Honeysuckle daughters are here but
having a Cee Money son from her is just icing
on the cake!  He is a gorgeous buck AND he
produced nice kids.
Look for more kids from Money Honey in
March 2018!
Reference Bucks
These are bucks who have moved to new homes but are
still significantly represented in our herd.
Green Pastures ALPHA ROMEO
DOB: 10/30/2015  MGR #C8934  

Sire: Buck Creek Zoomer
Dam: Moonlight Farms Red Pearl

Special from the start and maturing into the kind
of muscle package we want.  Great top line and
thick in all the right places.  He has already
produced some awesome kids.  More arriving in
March 2018, but check our sale page to see what
is currently available.
C K's Fainters Trooper
DOB: 10/15/17  MGR #D4553  

Sire: Lookout Mountain Growers
                     Wonder's Last Chance
Dam: Green Pastures Adventure  MGR  #7472

We wanted new lines, polled, and black and
white.  This young buckling was bred by a
customer! So he is a combination of some NEW
lines along with some of our tried and true lines.  
Looking forward to watching him grow!
Brian and Linda Harrison
Green Pastures
Phone:      615-335-2466