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Tennessee Myotonic (Fainting) Goats
Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

FAINTING GOATS:  We maintain a herd of premium myotonic goats also referred to as fainting goats. We
are proud members of the MGR (Myotonic Goat Registry)and IFGA (International Fainting Goat Registry) .

We have some of the best does that we could find - both well known herd names and older established herds
in Tennessee where the fainting goat originated.  We have large, smooth coated fainters and we strive for
good conformation and breed characteristics.  But we also love COLOR and VARIETY!  We work with our
customers to insure that they are getting the best goat for their unique goals and desires.   Our goats are
both horned and polled (naturally hornless).  We also disbud kids when requested.

Myotonic goats are classified as a meat breed, but with the quality of our stock most are sold as breeding
stock or pets.   To see our herd and learn more about these wonderful goats click here   
Nashville (Hermitage), Tennessee
In 2007 A group of college students toured the US interviewing people in a wide variety of fields to
find out what inspired them to  "pursue their passion".   They came to Green Pastures to see the goats
and why we love them!    

It was later released as a book and we apparently made a lasting impression as the "rural goat farm"
in the book description would be Green Pastures!  (this appears on both his website and on the
AMAZON write up for the book)  As Brett Familoe began doing speaking engagements our goats still
made the cut as can be seen in this youtube video of one of them:   

When we contacted Mr. Familoe during that 2007 trip we thought it would be a good opportunity to
share our fainting (myotonic) goats with some college students who had perhaps never seen them before
and  they ARE our passion.  We made much more of an impression than we could have imagined...
Brian and Linda Harrison
Green Pastures
Phone:      615-335-2466               

MINIATURE SILKY FAINTING GOATS: We love the long silky  hair of these smaller goats.  Everyone who
visits our farm is captivated by their unique look.  We have several mini silky does and two outstanding buck ~
one of which is polled.

Silkies are a pet breed developed for the show ring.  With Silkies it is all about the coat!  "Long and Flowing"
and "Silky to the Touch" describe the goal for this beautiful breed.